18 Unbelievable Luxurious Ocean Liners


Do you dream about cruising the high seas or island hopping in tropical and exotic locations? If you do, there is no need to rough it, it can be done in style!

There are a few companies around the world with gigantic cruise ships. If you’ve ever seen one in port, you’ll have an idea of just how big. Mega cruise ships often accommodate numbers of people the same size as a small town. With expansive services. facilities and activities to match. Here are 18 unbelievably luxurious cruise ships from around the world.

1. Symphony of the Seas

luxury cruise

The Symphony of the Seas is one big ship! The biggest cruise ship in the world, at the moment, she set sail in 2018 with a Mediterranean route. A Caribbean route is next up. Rooms cater for everyone from romantics to big interconnecting suite seekers. If you’re a family looking for fun, two-story cabins have stairs or a slide for descending into the living area! You can go zip-lining or get a basketball team together to play on their court. Or, if you’re missing nature and terra-firma, you can chill in a tropical garden park.