World’s 25 Scariest Haunted Tourist Destinations


Are you interested in the paranormal? Do you like visiting and reading about actual destinations that have stories and legends of ghosts and hauntings? Whether you are a believer or not, there are many places around the world that capitalize on the history of the goings on at their location.

There are usually many anecdotal stories and legends that go with haunted locations. Are they fact or fiction? Here are 25 of them for you to decide from around the world.

1. Aratat Lunatic Asylum, Victoria, Australia

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The Aradale or Aratat Lunatic Asylum housed the mentally ill for around 130 years. It was in use until the 1990s. It also famously included the J-Ward – a secure prison for those deemed criminally insane. The collection of buildings, the size of a small town, are in the State of Victoria in Australia. Approximately 13,000 people died at the institution. The reports of ghostly phenomena in the abandoned corridors include staff in white uniforms and the sounds of people in distress.