Unveiling Life a Century Ago Through Historical Photos


If you’re a history buff or have caught a few History Channel episodes, you know the “Roarin’ Twenties” was a game-changer. This explosive decade in American history saw massive shifts politically, economically, and socially. Cities were booming, national wealth skyrocketed, and jazz, flappers, and bootleggers defined the scene. Dive into this curated collection to check out some of the most iconic photos from the 1920s and get a real feel for the high-energy Jazz Age lifestyle.

1. Gym Class a Hundred Years Ago

When and where: 1920s, USA

Gym class, not exactly a student favorite, has been around since the mid-1800s. Check out this 1920s photo: a gym class split by gender, students rocking what looks like rompers.

This scene is way more serene and artistic than a gym teacher yelling at you to keep running. And let’s be real, you won’t find these vintage 1920s-style rompers on Amazon.